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Elaine Hawkins is the headteacher at Southwood School in Milton Keynes. Southwood is part of the The Boulevard Primary Partnership with Downs Barn School. Here she outlines the reasons for choosing the Positive Workplace Survey and what practical benefits there were for the school, pupils and all the individual staff members as a result.

As a senior team, we appreciated that there was a gap in our focus on staff wellbeing. Our school serves a community with above average levels of deprivation and this can be very challenging on a professional as well as personal level for our staff. We appreciated that stressed teachers were less able to handle the complex issues of the pupils so it was imperative we addressed the staff challenges professionally too.

We realised from the survey results that our existing communication streams were a key source of stress for our staff. With the help of our Education Support Partnership consultant we were able to address this in a professional and objective way. Having the communication channels formalised meant we could be much more constructive and solutions based about feedback to and within teams at work. It has resulted in a much more productive environment and a stronger team working ethos.

Staff wellbeing is measurably higher since the survey and they feel better equipped to handle the personal as well as educational issues of the pupils. This was a really important exercise for our school.

I can highly recommend the Positive Workplace Survey. It led to positive changes at our school benefitting pupil as well as staff wellbeing. I’ve recommended the process to other headteachers already. 

  • We’re now more constructive and solutions based in staff communications  
  • Pupil as well as staff wellbeing has benefitted as a result  

The process of the survey as well as the results made a positive difference at this school. Staff felt more valued because the school had invested in the exercise. Stronger team bonds were formed as a result of more open communication channels and productivity increased overall, partly because staff appreciated their wellbeing had been at the heart of the exercise.

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