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Vicky’s story

Vicky’s landlord threatened to throw her out of her property if she did not pay the £800 deposit which she previously believed the council to be covering. This would have resulted in her and her young daughters being made homeless.

Vicky shares her story with us.

This year I started working as a Learning Support Assistant at a school for adults with learning difficulties. My wage is paid in term time only which means I am only just keeping my head above water financially.

Bond too expensive

Unfortunately, my relationship had recently broken-down and this meant I had no choice but to move out of my family home with my two young girls. I found a property that was suitable but it required a bond of £800 which was too large a sum of money for me to find.

Luckily, my local council promoted a grants scheme to help people with deposits which I applied for. My landlord accepted that I was in the process and allowed us to move in.

However, it quickly became clear that my local council was unable to help. They were dealing with a backlog of applications from over 8 months ago and the scheme was to be scrapped. 

Signed off sick due to stress

I let my landlord know and they threatened eviction unless I could find the bond quickly. However, I had exhausted all avenues and still could not find the money. This caused me a great deal of anxiety which resulted in me being signed off sick from work. The adults I work with have special learning needs and they require additional support. The way I was feeling meant I was unable to give them the full support they needed.  

I decided to visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the hope they may be able to advise on my situation. As soon as I said I worked as a Learning Support Assistant they said I may be eligible for a grant from Education Support Partnership. I had not heard of the financial support available and I am so glad they were able to recommend you.

Huge weight lifted

Your Grant Caseworker processed my application and awarded a grant of £800 to pay for my bond. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. My home is secure so I do not need to worry anymore.

I have been able to return to work and give my students the support they deserve. In fact, I’m really excited to have secured an internal teacher training programme and I feel ready to pursue my career dreams within education. I cannot thank Education Support enough for the support they have given me. I really am grateful. 

How we can help you

Our confidential grants service is here to help you manage your financial and money worries to get you back on track when you are struggling.

If you are working in or retired from the education sector and are suffering financial problems caused by unemployment, ill health, sudden life events, bereavement or a personal injury we may be able to offer support.

Please visit our grants page to find out more and apply.