Ella's story: how our peer support groups supported her own wellbeing 

Ella Hughes is the headteacher of Chapel Street Community Primary School. She shares her experience of taking part in our peer-to-peer support groups and encourages other leaders to apply to prioritise wellbeing, which can then be shared within your school community.

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Ella talks about the facilitated peer support sessions she attended and how all the leaders in the group were able to use the time to talk to each other in a safe space; sharing experiences and discussing strategies to help cope with the challenges of being a school leader.

"It has provided an invaluable safety net for me to maintain my overall wellbeing."
Ella Hughes, headteacher


How can I access a peer support group? 

We are running peer support groups specifically for school leaders which can provides a safe and confidential space to share your difficulties with like-minded professionals.

Sessions are led by a trained coach, with lots of experience of working in the education sector, and will enable you to meet, support, and network with other school leaders from a diverse range of schools.

School leaders' support
School leaders' support