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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.


Looking after yourself during the year ahead

Kindness in schools
9th September 2020

Teachers and education staff have the capacity to shape boundaries, to say ‘no’, to actively cordon off time for the most important activity of all: self-care. Here are some practical strategies to keep your oxygen tank topped up.

Coping with the unknown

Coping with the unknown - teachers and education staff
23rd July 2020

Mental health support will be an absolute priority for school leaders and staff alike in September. What should leaders be looking for and aware of? How can school leaders support staff in the Autumn?

Dear Secondary Senior and Middle Leaders

Letter from a teacher to senior leader
20th July 2020

We must attempt to remember the intensity of the lockdown, and support staff wherever possible. It cannot be and should not be ‘Business as Usual’. A plea from a teacher to senior leaders. 

Lessons in sticking with it

Lessons in sticking with it
9th July 2020

As we approach the end of this extraordinary school year, two teachers share their thoughts on getting through the difficult times when they almost quit the profession.

No way to say goodbye

Saying goodbye - teachers and education staff
7th July 2020

Even in ordinary times, goodbyes can be hugely challenging. So how can we alleviate a little of the anxiety and upset caused by the lack of a decent goodbye these times deny us asks Emma Kell. 

We’re all going on a summer holiday?

Taking a break over the summer holidays - teachers and education staff
6th July 2020

Teachers need this break to unwind, relax and recharge to deal with the many challenges ahead. Deputy Headteacher Andrew Cowley outlines some simple ways that school leaders can ensure staff take time out and look after themselves during the summer break. 

Confessions of a newbie

BBC Teach - supporting NQTs
6th July 2020

This new film made with BBC Teach offers support and tips for newly qualified teachers about to embark on the first teaching job or those returning to the classroom after some years away. 

What is the real nature of loneliness?

Loneliness and isolation - teachers and education staff
2nd July 2020

As we ease out of lockdown and isolation, psychotherapist Ben Amponsah shares some simple things that we can all do to push back against disconnection and its ensuing loneliness.

Transitioning out of lockdown

Transitions - wellbeing of teachers and education staff
4th June 2020

Teacher and author Andy Sammons shares somes thoughts about the impact on teachers and education staff of transitioning out of lockdown.