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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.


Portraits of the nation during COVID

Hold Still portrait photography
3rd June 2020

Teachers and their students can take part in Hold Still, a community photography project, launched by Duchess of Cambridge in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, to capture the hopes, fears and feelings of the nation in the time of coronavirus.

Kindness: it's your choice

Kindness in schools - it's your choice
19th May 2020

In Mental Health Awareness Week, headteacher Darren Morgan writes about the importance of kindness to oneself and others particularly during this difficult time. 

Why ‘good enough’ matters more than ever

Jane's story - grants for teachers and education staff
19th May 2020

Teachers are perfectionist and often feel they are not good enough. But, argues Emma Kell, now more than ever eductors should recognise they are strong, essential, and doing their very best to support  young people at this difficult time. 

Top kindness tips

Kindness tips - mental health awareness week
17th May 2020

As schools ready themselves for possible re-opening, protecting our mental health and wellbeing continues to be central to coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

The importance of kindness during a pandemic

Kindness in schools and colleges
15th May 2020

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week's 2020 theme of kindness, Adrian Bethune looks at why kindness and compassion are more important now more than ever and how it can be best cultivated in schools and colleges.

Should I stay or should I go?

Teacher resignation
13th May 2020

The resignation deadline, usually a key date in any school calendar and the source of much self-questioning and staffroom speculation has barely featured for obvious reasons. Emma Kell looks at the pros and cons of changing job during the current pandemic.  

Coronavirus: how education staff are being affected

Issues facing teachers and education staff in the time of coronavirus
28th April 2020

There is a wide range of issues affecting individuals within the education workforce right now. Some of those are common to the general population, some are specific to educators. Here is what we are hearing from teachers and education staff.

Coronavirus: diary of a headteacher part 2

Mental health and wellbeing of headteachers and school leaders
24th April 2020

As school closures and lockdown continues headteacher Darren Morgan looks at what is causing educators the most anxiety at this time and the strategies he and his staff are using to cope. 

Finding meaning in difficult times

Finding meaning - coronavirus support for teachers and education staff
14th April 2020

It’s too soon to tell how this pandemic is going to shape our world, our futures and our education system. There is however, the potential for a better and brighter future argues Adrian Bethune.