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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.


Teacher wellbeing: behind the headlines

Teacher wellbeing - look after yourself first
27th June 2019

After being off school for 5 weeks, drama teacher and senior leader Rebecca Tulloch, has realised that behind the headlines about teacher wellbeing, there is this one very simple but difficult rule: you have to look after yourself first.

How we help staff deal with their problems

How teachers and education staff helped to deal with their problems by our confidential helpline - blog
16th May 2019

87% of helpline callers told us they felt better equipped to deal with their problems after accessing support. We spoke to users who explained how the free, confidential emotional support we provide helped them. 

How I look after my wellbeing

How I look after my own wellbeing - teacher wellbeing
15th May 2019

For secondary school teacher Bonnie Harrington, managing her wellbeing is a termly, weekly, daily priority. If she waits until she is struggling before implementing these tips then it's too late.

CSIS awards funding

13th March 2019

We are delighted that the Civil Service Insurance Society Charity Fund has awarded us a substantial grant  to help us continue to meet the growing demand for our emergency financial grants programme.