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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Donors step up to help meet growing demand for our services

In response to our recent news that detailed the staggering increase in the need for our services, an amazing number of Ed Support donors who give on a regular basis have increased their donations to help meet demand.

Calls to the Ed Support helpline have increased by 35%, and requests for financial assistance have increased by 42%. Upon hearing this, over 1,100 donors made the decision to give a little more each month, to help make sure no call goes unanswered.

Collectively, our amazing donors are now giving an additional £42,000 every year. And we cannot thank them enough for this. We only exist thanks to the generosity of our donors, and we are continually humbled by how much they do to give back to the education community.

One donor shared their reasons for giving so generously:

“The main reason for the increase is to put a little back into the profession, to help those encountering stormy weather. I’ve experienced over 40 years of joyous Primary School teaching. I’ve been so fortunate and privileged in my Teaching Career, that I thought I should contribute a little more towards your outstanding and increasingly necessary organisation.”

Will you join our community of donors?

However to ensure we can answer every call and help the growing number of people approaching us for financial assistance…we need your help.

Will you join our community of amazing education professionals, supporting their colleagues across the sector, by making a regular donation to Ed Support?

“I heard about Ed Support in my first year at the school, when I was thinking about leaving. I needed someone to talk to. The workload was relentless and despite asking for support to identify where I could cut it down, I received no guidance. I became exhausted, and as a result broke down in front of a class. 

The next day I didn't want to go back. I knew that if I didn't speak to someone, I would never go back to work….”

Will you please make a regular gift and be there for your colleagues when they need someone to turn to?

By making a regular donation, you will be helping more people have their call answered, or their grant awarded than ever before. As more people reach out for us to help, it’s only with your generous support that we are able to be there for them. Although the callers may not realise it, they will have someone to rely on thanks to you.

Make a regular donation

If you have any questions about making a regular donation, or would prefer to do so over the phone, please call the fundraising team on 020 7697 2761.