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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.


5 breakthroughs that made me a better teacher

5 breakthroughs that made me a better teacher 
13th February 2019

In 2016 Victoria Hewett was emotionally shattered, physically exhausted and burntout. This piece is not about her breakdown however. It's about the things she's discovered along the way to recovery that have made her a better teacher and a better person. 

Can SLT really improve teacher wellbeing?

Senior school leaders and teacher wellbeing
5th February 2019

Last year teacher Bonnie Harrington said teaching was broken and that there was nothing senior leaders could do about it. After recovering from an of episode of work-related stress, and moving schools, she's realised there is cause for optimism. 

Marathon running for teachers in crisis

Katy headteacher running London Marathon for teachers in crisis
5th February 2019

We're very grateful to Katy O'Connor, Headteacher of Lessness Heath Primary School. She is running the London Marathon to raise money to help ensure her fellow teachers and education staff can get support when they need it. 

Our Teacher Wellbeing Index highlights stress epidemic

Teacher wellbeing index results 2018
22nd October 2018

Today sees the publication of our Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018conducted in partnership with YouGov. This comprehensive and robust research highlights a stress epidemic and rising mental health issues across the entire UK education workforce. 

Teacher wellbeing: put your own oxygen mask on first

Oxygen mask
28th August 2018

If teachers are not taking care of themselves, this will inevitably have a knock-on effect for our students too. Adrian Bethune explains why we should start to care for and nurture ourselves as much as we care for and nurture our pupils.

Getting to know you

Teacher with a pupil
23rd August 2018

Building relationships with a new class of students (and their parents!) is something every teacher has to do throughout their career. Here are some tips to make it work well for you.