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Emails: information or intrusion

Emails - teachers and education staff wellbeing
3rd March 2020

Email communication can negatively impact staff wellbeing. Andrew Cowley looks at the pitfalls of email communications and how to develop protocols that priortise staff wellbeing. 

The impact of workload school leaders

Mental health and wellbeing of headteachers and school leaders
26th February 2020

Current education policy is not addressing the mental health and wellbeing of school leaders say Jonathan Glazzard and Samuel Stones of Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University.

The importance of kindness in schools

Kindness in schools
6th February 2020

Schools are the perfect place to cultivate more kindness not only as a means towards a more harmonious society but also as an antidote to some of the toxicity in our education system says Adrian Bethune. 

Feedback, not marking

Feedback not marking - teacher workload
29th January 2020

Mrs Humanities reduced her workload by making the move from marking to feedback in the classroom. Here she shares how she did it whilst ensuring students received timely, useful feedback to enable them to progress.