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Public Service Day: celebrating teachers

12th June 2019

Sunday 23rd of June is Public Service Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate the value and virtue of all public service workers. Victoria, Head of Geography in a secondary school, explains why being a teacher is such a great job and shows her support for Public Service Day:

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I wanted to teach from a young age, however after work experience at 15 I decided teaching was more paper work than I wanted to do. I went off the idea and I focused my attention of geography and environmental issues. When I later worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology, I realised I loved educating people, I loved working with the public and in particular, I loved working with young people. There was one particular moment though that inspired me to become a teacher, on arrival to the centre one of the secondary school students was incredibly excited; he exclaimed “I’ve just seen a real-life cow, it wasn't even in a McDonald’s cheeseburger”. After that moment I felt impelled to work in education to help more young people experience and learn about the world.  

How long have you been a teacher?

7 years

What has been the most rewarding moment of your career so far?

Working with young people in education is always rewarding, but what I've discovered to be most rewarding is actually working with early career teachers and seeing them blossom into fantastic practitioners, it makes you proud knowing that they've been able to develop their practice to improve the educational experiences of young people. 

Have there been any truly heart-warming moments you can tell us about?

There have been many heart-warming moments over the last 7 years, but one that stands out was during the last year's exam season. On the way to the exam hall for their first Geography  paper, I overheard some of my year 11 student's saying  "Let's go make Miss Hewett proud". They certainly did, I may have had a tear or two on results day. 

What makes you stay in a career in education?

I've found the profession extremely hard at times, but finding the right school has helped me to find who I am in the classroom. Thanks to great students and supportive leaders,  I am able to take risks, to try new things and to challenge my practice. When you've all of that behind you, it makes teaching the future generations exciting, engaging and fulfilling and ultimately that means I get to help my students to thrive. 

Do you have any message you would like to share with other public sector workers?

Every public sector worker contributes to society in some way; we work for the benefit of others whether it be our communities, our cities or our country. No matter how small a role you play, be proud of what you do. 

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