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Teachers open up about dealing with parents in a new BBC Teach film

9th October 2019

We’ve been working with BBC Teach to explore the pressures of dealing with parents.

As schools hold parents’ evenings across the country, teachers have been opening up about some of their most difficult experiences as part of a new ‘Confessions of a Teacher’ film.

In the film, one head teacher reveals:

“I have some particularly aggressive parents that have caused a great deal of anxiety.”

He goes on to say:

“Other head teachers, I know that they also have suffered great deals of anxiety, to the point of possibly giving up their profession because of parents.”

A secondary teacher opens up about bad experience she had when meeting a parent:

“I remember tears coming to my eyes as he literally crushed my hand, and I had to go and tell the head afterwards and sort of say I think I’ve just been kind of assaulted.”

In this extract from the film she explains you never know where conversations at parents’ evenings will take you… 



You can watch the full 5 minute film on BBC Teach.

As part of the new resources, author, and teacher Dr Emma Kell has also come up with 5 parents’ evening tips for teachers based on advice from parents.

She says:

“Ultimately, parenting and teaching are two of the trickiest and most important jobs there are. If we can build more bridges between parents and teachers and remind ourselves and each other that we’re doing the best we can, the impact on our young people can only be positive.”

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