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Top comedians applaud teachers

20th March 2018

A host of top UK comedians have come together to produce a series of exclusive short films, part of our exciting new campaign to applaud the amazing and essential work teachers do  The funny thing about teaching…it can make you #laughorcry.’

Performers including Mock the Week regulars Kerry Godliman, Hal Cruttenden and Angela Barnes joined teachers-turned-comedians Rob Rouse and Jo D’Arcy to talk about why support for teachers matters.

Teaching can be the most rewarding of jobs. But it comes with great challenges and the teaching profession as a whole is under more strain than ever. Although Education Support Partnership is here to help, not enough people working in education know they can turn to us if they need to. 

As the only UK-wide charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of anyone working in education we are urging people to watch and share the special back-stage footage at recorded at its first-ever comedy fundraiser The funny thing about teaching….’

In the films, the comedians reminisce about their school days, the teachers they loved and the importance of support for this incredible, tough profession. The recordings highlight how these comedians may have made their teachers #laughorcry and press the importance of help being there for those who are struggling under pressure.

Victoria, a Head of Geography in a secondary school, was stressed and anxious due to a relentless workload and unreasonable expectations. After breaking down in front of her class, she turned to the charity’s helpline for support. She said:

“The workload was relentless and despite asking for support, I received no guidance. I became exhausted and as a result broke down in front of my class. I was sent home. I knew that if I didn’t speak to someone, I would never go back to work. So I called the Education Support Partnership helpline. The first time I called I literally just talked at a counsellor. It really helped. The second time I rang, I needed emotional support.

“I can honestly say that the support I received from Education Support Partnership has kept me in teaching. Without that first phone call I can guarantee I would have left.”

Julian Stanley, the charity’s Chief Executive said:

“Last year Education Support Partnership’s specialist counsellors took more than 8,500 calls on its confidential, free helpline and received 650 applications to its emergency financial grants fund.

“We all know the sector is under immense pressure. We need everyone to know that we are the charity here to help if needed."

Please share these short films with your colleagues, friends and family to let them know that Education Support Partnership is here to support everyone working in education.

And please remember, if you or a colleague need us – we are here for you 24/7. Find out more about the resources available to you, or call our helpline on 08000 562 561.

Watch this short film

Comedian Angela Barnes talking about why she admires the work teachers do. Angela is a regular on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo and hosts BBC Radio 4's Newsjack.