Teacher Wellbeing Manifesto 2017-2022 | Education Support
Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Teacher Wellbeing Manifesto 2017-2022

Education Support prepared this Teacher Wellbeing Manifesto for 2017-2022 in response to alarming findings from our services, surveys and other ongoing research.

This manifesto sets out six recommendations which will significantly improve the wellbeing of teachers and the wider education workforce: something, which is proven to relate to student outcomes.

1. Mandatory provision of personal mental health and wellbeing guidance within Initial Teacher Training

2. Regulators to prioritise staff wellbeing in their assessments and measure this against an evidence-based framework

3. Annual staff surveys to become statutory in all schools and colleges; with senior leaders acting on the issues identified in an open and transparent way

4. Increased awareness, knowledge and signposting to external support services

5. Access to an externally provided Employee Assistance Programme for all staff in schools and colleges

6. Access to facilitated peer support programmes for all leaders in schools and colleges