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Professional development

Improve and expand your team’s skills

Our comprehensive range of smart training and development workshops can help to strengthen and improve the performance of your staff.  

"We’ve been delighted with the impact participating in this workshop has had on our school." 
Angela M. Graham, Headteacher, Usworth Colliery Nursery School

How does it work?

You can choose any our most popular courses listed below or we can create a bespoke solution for your needs:

  • Smart Leadership – enables leaders and those aspiring to leadership to develop their skills and become more effective in their role.
  • Smart Relationships – enables staff to improve the quality of their own professional relationships, increasing personal and organisational effectiveness.
  • Smart Work – enables staff to be more productive by utilising practical strategies and approaches to use their time and energy more efficiently.
  • Smart Transition – will enable those facing redundancy to think positively about their future opportunities and plans, building resilience, energy and creativity.
  • Smart Coach – will enable managers to encourage their team members to develop confidence, resourcefulness, skills and belief in their own decision-making.
  • Smart Change – developing enables managers and leaders to improve their ability to manage the change process in their organisations, and enables staff to reflect on their attitudes towards change.
  • Smart Communication - develops individual communication skills that will also enhance relationships and sustain a more positive working environment.
  • Smart Survive and Thrive – provides an opportunity for Newly Qualified Teachers to reflect on their own wellbeing during their initial year and to consider strategies that will support them to be even more effective.
  • Smart Resilience – enables staff to increase their own wellbeing and resilience leading to the improved effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.
  • Union Caseworker Support Sessions – enables caseworkers to set and maintain professional boundaries, identify coping mechanisms to manage stress, manage time to address the demands and how to make appropriate referrals for support.  

Training and professional development is a key factor affecting job satisfaction in any industry, but we know that it can be especially difficult to provide in the education sector due to tight budgets and time constraints.

That is why we have created these sessions to help tackle the most common and impactful issues for education staff, making it as simple and effective as possible for you.

Our workshops have been developed using our powerful research data, collected over 30 years. We identify current and consistent themes in the education sector and model our training solutions around our in-depth knowledge of the best approaches used to tackle key issues.


We are passionate about supporting all those working in education and we would love to talk further about how we can support you and your team.

So please get in touch today to find out more.