Putting yourself first - why stress matters: reconnecting you to what's important

A funded workshop for Teaching and Learning Support Assistants in Wales exploring why stress matters and how it affects your mental wellbeing.

Events 29 February 2024

Many TA’s and LSA’s will feel stressed during their careers. And while it’s normal to feel stressed in response to the challenges of school life from time to time, stress on a regular, long-term basis can affect your mental and physical health.

In this workshop we offer a new perspective for thinking about stress and provide you with evidence-based strategies to help you reduce the impact of stress on your body. During this interactive virtual workshop we will explore:

  • What happens in the brain when we experience stress
  • Stress vs stressors
  • How to manage and have healthy inner self talk
  • Taking an overview of life
  • Practical task to enable you to focus on what is important
  • Reflecting on transitions within the day
  • Short, practical activities that can help you

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for teaching assistants or learning support assistants in Wales.

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The workshop is funded thanks to support from Welsh Government, at no cost to you. Places are limited so sign up now!