Taking wellbeing beyond the tickbox: interactive masterclass

Join Mandy Coalter, the Founder of ‘Talent Architects’ who has a simple mission; helping schools become great places to work.

Events 14 March 2024

Everyone deserves to be healthy and safe at work. Especially those who guide and inspire the next generation. No one can do their best work if they are emotionally and physically depleted. Which is why it is important to have a staff wellbeing strategy in place at your school.

This masterclass is designed for heads and deputy heads who want to make a meaningful change in their schools. During this masterclass Mandy will help you to understand why and how to get a staff wellbeing strategy in place. She will explain the many benefits of having a staff wellbeing strategy and how to get your whole school community on board.

During this interactive session Mandy will cover:

  • The 3 core components of a whole school strategy
  • The role of school leadership, culture and climate
  • Tackling workload
  • Developing work life balance and flexible working
  • The role of leaders and how to develop a staff wellbeing strategy
  • Supporting and educating staff
  • Employee involvement
  • Measuring impact

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for heads and deputy heads in Wales. This masterclass is funded thanks to Welsh government.

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About Mandy Coalter

Talent Architects was founded by Mandy Coalter who previously worked in the NHS, Local Government, the Charity sector and with schools. She is an experienced Board Director and advisor on aspects of corporate governance, Trustee/Director of the Diocese of Coventry MAT and the National Teaching Awards Trust. Mandy’s book ‘Talent Architects; how to make your school a great place to work’ was published in 2018. The book features regularly as a best seller in Education leadership and is a core text for many of the sectors leadership provider programmes.