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Training and development grant for teachers and education staff

Training & development fund

We have created a Training and Development fund, in partnership with the CSIS Charity Fund, specifically to assist:

  • staff in education with the cost of education-related training
  • former education staff to re-enter the education sector or to transition to a new career

This is a pilot and funding is limited, but we hope to help applicants enhance their careers and develop new and existing skills. Find out about how Jody has gone back into teaching after receiving funding for training. 

Jody Lee training and development fund recipient

We are happy to consider funding for any course provided it seems likely it will have a genuine impact on the working life of someone in the education sector. From classroom management, working with challenging behavior to dealing with stress, we will look at funding many courses, please call us to find out more if you are unsure.

The Teacher Development Trust is a good resource if you are looking for a particular course.

To find out more about the criteria and eligibility for this fund please see our guidelines here.

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If you experience any problems when completing your application, or have trouble retrieving a partially completed application, please email or call 0207 697 2772.