Employee Assistance Programme 

We’re all human and challenges in life or at work can reduce our wellbeing and our effectiveness. What if you were able to give members of your team a sympathetic ear, just at the right time? 

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) gives your staff confidential support and guidance just when they need it most. Why not enquire today?

We all need a bit of extra help sometimes and I think it reflects really well on us as a school that we offer it.
Louise, assistant head

By investing in our EAP you can feel confident that you are providing the best possible support for your leadership, line managers and all school colleagues. The benefits of improved colleague wellbeing will be felt throughout your organisation. 

School staff can access a range of emotional and practical support including:

  • A range of counselling options including telephone, online or face-to-face sessions, and a mindfulness module
  • A dedicated coaching service for line managers, aimed at developing soft skills and building confidence for handling challenging situations
  • Financial, legal and practical support from qualified professionals on a range of personal issues
  • Access to online health and wellbeing resources and a specialist information service

Your school or organisation will benefit from:

  • Improved staff retention, reduced sickness absence and less presenteeism
  • Improved organisational efficiency and enhanced management capacity 
  • Colleagues who are confident that you care for their welfare and meet your duty of care for their mental health 
"The staff feel that it supports their wellbeing and they can get support for all kinds of daily issues."
Heather Phillips, Blakesey Hall Primary School, 2021

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