FAQs | Education Support
Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.


I have a complaint, who should I talk to?

We know that from time to time mistakes or misunderstandings can happen, but we want to be able to apologise for them, learn from them and try to prevent them happening again. With your help, we can provide a better service. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service we welcome your feedback and would also like to do all we can to make it right. Please visit our complaints page for more information.

How do I become a counsellor for the helpline?

We do not have volunteer counsellors on our helpline but if you are interested in working for us as a counsellor, please send your CV and an introductory email to WPORecruitment@workplaceoptions.com. The counselling team will respond to you directly to advise any additional information or paperwork required. 

Is there a Headspace/Yourspace in my area?

Please fill out an enquiry form to find a Headspace/Yourspace programme in your area. 

Can members of my family access the Employee Assistance Programme benefits?

Unfortunately the Employee Assistance Programme benefits are only available to employees of the school or organisation who have purchased the service. The only exception to this is couples counselling if the couple’s relationship is having an effect on an employee’s ability to do their job.

What is the difference between your free helpline and the Employee Assistance Programme?

Our free and confidential helpline is available 24/7 to all staff working in education. This helpline offers coaching, counselling, emotional support and signposting to vital resources. You can read more about our helpline here.

The Employee Assistance Programme is a service that was developed to improve staff wellbeing in the workplace, minimise employee absences, and improve staff engagement. This service is purchased by your school or organisation and includes a dedicated helpline which can help with all of the aforementioned ways, as well as offer legal advice, local face-to-face counselling, support for managers, and debt counselling.

I work for an organisation that subscribes to an Employee Assistance Programme. How do I access your services?

If your school or organisation has purchased an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) please call the numbers provided on your leaflets and wallet cards to access the full range of additional services offered. If you don't have the number contact servicedelivery@edsupport.org.uk with the name of your organisation and postcode. 

How much do your services for organisations cost?

We do not list the prices for our paid products, such as the Employee Assistance Programme because we try to be as flexible as possible to cover every need. We base our prices around the number of staff within an organisation, and location. Our dedicated regional staff will work with you to determine the best possible solution for your needs. To contact your regional specialist, please fill out an enquiry form.

Do you link with other charities?

In most cases yes, if the cost that you are requesting assistance with exceeds our maximum grant, we will contact other benevolent funds, if possible, on your behalf but with your permission. 

Are you able to give cash grants?

We offer crisis grants but this is a one off award that is limited to one payment per applicant per year. In most cases we will make payments to third parties only. 

Do you help with private medical costs?

No, we are unable to assist with this cost. 

Do you help with educational course fees?

Yes & No! if the course fees are related to your professional development we can assist with our Training & Development fund but we are unable to assist with private school fees for children. Unfortunately we are unable to make awards for this cost, as it is beyond the scope of our policy. 

Will you help with budgeting?

In most cases we will refer you to our partner organisation Stepchange. They offer a comprehensive and independent budgeting services that may help you reduce your outgoings and maximise your income. 

Can I still email the helpline?

Yes. Please visit this page to Email us for support. 

What kind of support can people access?

We are here to help people  working in education to be at their best. We do this through various means at an individual and an organisational level.

For individuals, we offer everything from emotional support, action plan support, online check ups to crisis grants and short-term grants. We have set up separate spaces to make it easier for you to see you what support is available to you.

At an organisational level, we offer wellbeing services and programmes. You can find out more information on the programmes available here

Who can get help from Education Support?

We support people working in any educational organisation whether nursery, primary, secondary, further or higher education. We also help those who have retired from working in education and their dependants. 

How do you manage my personal data?

Your privacy and security is incredibly important to us. Please see our privacy policy to see how we manage your personal data.

I would like to fundraise for Education Support.

Thank you. It means so much to us and those working in education who need a little extra support. There are so many ways you can fundraise for us, go to our fundraising pages for more information and inspiration.

You can also call the fundraising team on 020 7697 2761 and we can give you more information, ideas and personalised support. 

Why can’t I access my.teachersupport.info?

We have decided to change the way we manage our supporter information, so we are no longer able to offer this facility, but we can update your details for you so call us on 020 7697 2760 or email us at fundraising@edsupport.org.uk

How can I tell you more about why I want to support people working in education?

Thank you! We’d love to hear more about your reasons for supporting us. You can give us a call and have a chat with the fundraising team on 020 7697 2760.

Or if you donate online, there is a comment box to explain why or you can email us at fundraising@edsupport.org.uk., please give us a contact number so we can contact you for more information if we need it. It’s very helpful to us to hear from our supporters and get to know you better. 

How do I change my address or contact details?

Please give us a call on 020 7697 2760 or email us at fundraising@edsupport.org.uk. Please let us know both your previous address and new address when emailing.

If you give to us via your pension or through your payroll, you will need to contact them directly to change your details.

I just received a phone call. Why do you use telephone fundraising?

We don't use telephone fundraising very often, but it can be one of the most effective ways of communicating with donors, particularly when it comes to things like Gift Aid.We do work with other agencies to help us, but we do a lot of checking beforehand, so that we are confident that they will act according to our guidance and regulations. We will also agree very strict guidelines about who can and who cannot be contacted and the time of day that we will contact you. We will check our donors details and will do our best to make sure that if you have already told us you do not wish to be contacted by phone, that you are not included in the telephone campaign.

I would like to make a donation to go to a specific area of your work

That’s no problem at all. You can restrict your donation by calling us on 020 7697 2760 and telling us more about what you would prefer for your gift to be spent on. 

What will my donation be used for?

Donations will be used to support those people working in education who are struggling to find their strength. Your support will help provide our 24/7 free and confidential helpline, or help provide a financial grant to someone in need. Read the stories of people supported thanks to recent donations. 

Any donations given prior to the merger (April 2015) will be used for the intention they were given - so if you gave to Teacher Support Network, the money can only be used for teachers and their families.

I have a letter saying how I make my donation is changing, is this true?

Yes, we will have one new bank account for Education Support. The good news is you do not have to do anything. We will do it all for you. Your donation will now automatically be paid into that account.