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Andrea's story

Andrea Glover had always wanted to be a dyslexia teacher but she couldn’t afford to fund the highly-specialised training. We provided her with some of the funding to get her started so now she can realise her dream.

It was my passion for English and writing that led me to become a teaching assistant. I really enjoyed that but wanted to teach the classes myself as I loved the interaction with the children, getting to know them, really finding out what they’re interested in and how they learn. I especially enjoyed helping them to understand things they found difficult. I trained in middle years teaching to Key Stage 2 and 3. But as my career progressed I became more and more interested in special needs teaching, especially students who had problems with literacy and gaining access to texts. Andrea Glover training grant for teachers

It was never the right time to train to be a specialist teacher but now my children are at school I decided to take the plunge. Dyslexia has always been sidelined in schools because teachers don’t have the training or know enough about it to create a dyslexia-friendly classroom. I want to help that ten per cent of children who have dyslexia or other difficulties with learning. There’s a great need for specialist teachers to help students with dyslexia and also advise teachers. My husband is also a teacher and he’s very supportive of me moving into specialist teaching.

Dream seemed unobtainable

But my dream to become a specialist teacher seemed unobtainable as I wasn’t earning enough to save up for the course fees while helping to support my family. So I looked for funding options. A course provider had a list of funding sources and one of those listed was the Education Support Partnership. I looked on the website to see if I met the criteria then phoned the office to check I’d filled out everything correctly. The person I spoke to was very helpful and gave me advice about filling in the form. When I heard my request had been accepted I was absolutely over the moon. It meant I could start studying straightaway which I did.

I received a £1,000 grant towards the cost of my course which is partly delivered online and part of it is delivered with a learner at a local school. It’s going to take me three terms and while I study I’m working as a supply teacher.

Fantastic support

The Education Support Partnership has been absolutely fantastic as training for teachers is not what it used to be. When I began my career the government provided lots of extra resources and continuing professional development. But now with school budgets so tight you have to fund anything extra yourself. So I’m very grateful that the Education Support Partnership got me going on my course and I would highly recommend anyone in a similar position applies for funding. It’s an excellent service.

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