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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Rosa's story

Our helpline is receiving a high number of calls from education staff who need emotional support.

Here is Rosa’s story:

Rosa first came to the UK from Peru in 1980 with her then English husband. She trained to be a teacher after getting divorced and juggled her love of teaching Spanish along with other jobs, with being a single parent.

She has been teaching for 26 years, first teaching Spanish to early years children in a primary school. She later taught adults at evening classes whilst also working as a carer.

Rosa began to have health problems 10 years ago following an injury to her lower back, the result of her work as a carer. As she now has a long-term back condition she works from home.  

"When my problems started my doctor told me I had osteoarthritis but saw my pain as quite ordinary. It became more and more painful and hard to manage. I even ended up going to A&E last year as it was so bad."

Before the first lock-down, Rosa had begun treatment at a pain clinic. This had to be put on hold in March.

Since then she says, "I have been trying to look after myself as best I can. I’m usually positive but the Coronavirus crisis has made me feel very low, very depressed and not able to do anything. As a tutor at home my regular student had stopped coming because of Covid-19 and so I have less income."

Rosa found the number for the Education Support helpline and spoke to one of their counsellors. She said, "They listened to how I felt, to my feelings and that really helped. She made me think about why I am useful and helped me feel more positive about my situation."

We also gave Rosa a grant of £250 which she says has really helped with her bills given her reduced income.

Can you help?

We were able to help Rosa when she needed us the most only due to the generosity of our supporters.  

Are you able to give a gift at this difficult time to help education staff like Rosa? If you can please donate online. Thank you so much.

How we can help you

If you’re struggling and need to speak to somone in confidence, please call our helpline on 08000 562561.