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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.
Secondary trauma - teachers and education staff

Su's story

Our helpline is receiving a high number of calls from education staff who need emotional support.

Here is Su’s* story:

Su works in a pastoral role at a sixth form college. During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic she found working remotely and not seeing her students face to face very difficult.

After a traumatic safeguarding incident took a big emotional toll, her human resources department told her that she could get emotional support from the Education Support Helpline.

Su called and spoke to one of our specialist counsellors about the incident. She said:

“I knew I needed to talk it through with someone soon after it happened. One of our students took their own life and we had had no indication that anything was wrong. It was a shock for the whole school community. It was taking its emotional toll on me.  

“I also felt quite isolated dealing with it during lockdown. My senior colleagues were struggling to deal with it and I just felt I needed some support to keep me going and to give me some perspective. I wasn’t sharing that I was going through a difficult time with anyone outside work.  

“The helpline counsellor gave me permission to feel what I was feeling and that I wasn’t burdening anyone. I would say to anyone considering calling, don’t feel that it is a sign of weakness. Get in touch as soon as you feel things aren’t right as it really helped.”

Can you help?

We were able to help Su when she needed us the most only due to the generosity of our supporters.  

Are you able to give a gift at this difficult time to help education staff like Su? If you can please donate online. Thank you so much.

How we can help you

If you’re struggling and need to speak to somone in confidence, please call our helpline on 08000 562561.

*not her real name