Kathy’s story: professional supervision in Wales

Kathy, a school leader in Wales, took part in six professional supervision sessions, offered as part of our Staff Wellbeing Service, which is funded by Welsh Government, at no cost to staff.

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Kathy talks about the impact of professional supervision on her personal and professional life:

The facilitator was a perfect match for my professional supervision sessions as part of the Staff Wellbeing Service in Wales. 

From the first session, she just 'got' me and together we explored my wellbeing in a holistic way.  The sessions were so much more beneficial than I had anticipated; the many loose threads came together over the weeks to provide me with times for reflection, insights and opportunities form developing more helpful neuro pathways.

These sessions enabled me to find joy both in my education role and in life beyond work.

These sessions enabled me to find joy both in my education role and in life beyond work. My stresses decreased through being helped to set clearer boundaries and have greater clarity. They also enabled me to celebrate my skills and abilities and foster a positivity towards what the future holds.

The gentle guidance I received from Sally, the facilitator, combined with her immense skills set worked perfectly for me; she even created some bespoke exercises. 

I am deeply grateful for Sally's acceptance and empathy that allowed me to take stock, gain perspective and to be empowered about my choices and decisions. I could not recommend Sally highly enough as a supervisor, and the professional supervision offered as part of the Staff Wellbeing Service in Wales.

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School leaders and line managers in Wales can sign up to receive six funded one-to-one professional supervision sessions by Zoom or telephone, which are completely confidential. You will work with a qualified supervisor to focus on your mental wellbeing and help you develop new coping strategies to feel more fulfilled and in control.

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