School Leader Support Service (Wales) 

Thank you for applying to receive support via our school leader support service. Though we hope to be able to include all applicants who apply for support, we need for the participants to be as representative as possible of the wider population of school leaders in Wales, as such we may need to discount applicants if one geographical region becomes over represented. If this proves to be the case, the selection criteria used to select successful applicants will be strictly on a first come first served basis within that region.


Headteachers/Deputy/Assistant heads in Wales:

  • This service is for headteachers, deputy headteachers or assistant heads working in maintained schools in Wales.

  • You must be able to attend six sessions of either online facilitated peer to peer support or individual telephone support.

School leader support service

Online facilitated peer support

Our peer support groups provide a space where you will be able to reflect on the issues you have faced during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as any ongoing challenges you continue to face. The sessions will support you in building protective resilience in a safe and supportive space.

You will participate in six 90-minute sessions in a group of six or seven school leaders.  Your sessions will be run by a professional facilitator, who is a trained coach with experience of working within the education sector.

Individual telephone support

When you access our individual telephone support an accredited counsellor will help you to reflect on, and process any difficult feelings that arise for you in relation to either life or work events. This is a safe and confidential space. You will receive six free one-to-one sessions by telephone.

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I agree to be contacted by Education Support in order to schedule the sessions and to complete follow-up surveys after the first and again after the sixth session.
Your personal details may be kept on our systems for a maximum of five years and will then be deleted unless we receive explicit consent to retain them.  You may at any time withdraw your consent and ask your details to be deleted.  You also have a right to access your record, obtain a copy of it and/or correct your personal details.  Our complete data use and privacy guidelines are available online at