Get reflective! E-learning tool for education staff

Reflective conversations can be a powerful tool to support our mental health and wellbeing. This free e-learning module provides a range of techniques to support personal and peer reflective practice.


of education staff had access to supervision as a safe space to discuss issues. (Teacher Wellbeing Index 2020)

Through our work with school staff and leaders, Education Support and Talking Heads have learned just how powerful reflective conversations can be. They support individuals to sustain their own wellbeing, to head off symptoms of burn out and to reconnect with their core purpose of supporting children and young people. Regular reflection is a vital element of good professional practice for everyone working in schools. 

This course will provide you with a simple way to explore how reflection can work for you, and is free to use thanks to the generous support of the Welsh Government. 

This e-learning is not intended to replace or replicate the depth of process that is provided by formal relational or clinical supervision, coaching or action learning. Instead, it is a response to the identified need of many educators to reflect on their work and its impact on their wellbeing safely, without fear or judgement.

As partners in a reflective conversation, you are involved in sharing ‘treasure’.