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Grants FAQs

How do I log back into an application?

When you create an application you are asked for your email and to create a password  - if you want to take a break please click log out before closing your browser – this ensure all of the information you have entered in saved . To log back in please follow this link

We understand that our form is quite long and that we ask for a lot of information, we have tried to keep the information we ask for to a minimum but there are some thing we need to know about your circumstances.

I can’t download bank statements as a PDF, how do I do this?

There are a number of ways to do this; we would recommend that you look at this website, as they have instructions on how to do this for all UK banks. You can also use Google Chrome to create PDF’s if your bank is not listed. You can find instructions here.

If you are still having, difficulties please do get in touch with the grants team and they can talk you through this. 

Why can’t I submit screenshots of my bank statements from my mobile phone app, word or excel  documents

We need applicants to provide bank statements covering two calendar months, that’s a lot of screenshots! We have a very small team and it takes us time to read all of the documents we need, we frequently find that the resolution of photographs are very poor.

However, the main reason is that Word, Excel documents and photographs can be edited – we do not believe anyone would edit their documents, but as this has happened in the past we made a team decision not to accept documents in these formats. 

Can a grant from Education Support cover school uniform costs?

Education Support can award funds for school uniform grants but there is a maximum we can award per child.  We would anticipate that you had approached your local authority to determine if you qualify for a uniform voucher first. You can find more information here.

Can you reimburse me for items I have already purchased?

Education Support is unable to refund or reimburse any funds, the majority of our grants are paid directly to organisations, retailers or service companies.

How will you be able to cover the cost of direct debit payments for things such as to the DVLA for car tax, or my gas bill? 

Education Support is able to pay the DVLA direct, should an award be made to you for your vehicle, the team would request your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) and make a payment directly to the DVLA. We can also make payments direct to your utility company.

My mechanic is refusing to give his bank details to me. How will you make a payment to the garage, how will the MOT cost be paid? 

In the assessment phase of your application, it is more important that we have a quote for the cost of the work of repairs of your vehicle, than it is to have bank details, in the event of an award Education Support would make a payment direct to the garage either by credit card (over the phone) or via BACS.

In exceptional cases, are you able to make a direct transfer of monies into my bank account? 

Education Support only awards cash grants for limited items, these cash awards are capped according to our internal guidelines and an applicant’s circumstances. With the exception of the following grants: school uniforms, food grant and petrol costs; all awards are made payable to an organisation or third party. Education Support is not able to award retrospective grants – e.g. we will not consider awarding funds for items or costs already paid for by an applicant.

Please can you advise what is the maximum amount of loan, one is entitled to?

We do not reveal our maximum grant amount; all applications are assessed on an application-by-application basis Education Support is unable to distribute loans; all of our awards are grants that are not repayable. There is no entitlement to an Education Support grant; all awards are at the charities discretion.

Can the costs like rent/mortgage and bills be backdated?

Education Support is able to award funds for arrears, we would need to have very detailed information as to why your arrears accrued, for example we would want to know why an applicant did not make part payments, does an applicant have a repayment plan in place, is the applicant facing pressure from their mortgage provider, landlord, housing association. Has the applicant in receipt of statutory benefits or has an applicant been furloughed?

All applications are assessed according to our criteria and an applicant’s circumstances. We are therefore able to award, back date rental/mortgage payments (arrears), but it would depend entirely upon the reasons for the arrears, our internal guidelines and our current budget.