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Cutler Trust grants for students

Cutler Trust grants for students

What is the Cutler Trust?

It was established by John James Cutler, a teacher from London. John died in 1927 and with no living heirs and in accordance with his will, a trust was set up to help children of teachers. Education Support was given responsibility for the fund in 1990.

In accordance with John’s wishes Education Support have awarded £25,000 to over 50 young people in order to help with their educational course costs.   

Who can apply?

The Cutler Trust is a scholarship fund for young people aged 16- 25. The purpose of the fund is to assist children of teachers to pursue an education. To qualify for an award, you must be:

  • A child of a teacher that taught in one of the 32 London Boroughs
  • Be studying at a recognised school, university, college or in an apprenticeship
  • Priority will be given to low income families and first-time applicants

What can I apply for?

Anything that you need in order to complete your course of study. In the past we have awarded funds for everything from laptops, accommodation fees to art materials. We can consider travel costs, fees and interview clothing, we usually pay the supplier e.g. Amazon, your college or a train company but can also make awards to individuals

I want to apply what do I do next?

If you have any questions or experience any problems when completing your application please email or call on 020 7697 2772.


Find out about our grant recipients

GabriellaGabriella Mitchell, the daughter of a modern languages teacher, needed help towards the cost of her accommodation when she started studying classical archaeology and ancient history at Lincoln College, Oxford.

"My mum read about the scholarship in the Evening Standard and I applied as I was looking for a little help and it was the first scholarship I had found that I was eligible for," said Gabriella, 18.

"It has been a great help as it has helped me pay for my first four weeks of accommodation."

Yelena Neal has just begun a five-year dental surgery course at the University of Leeds. With help from the Cutler Trust she has been able to save some money on accommodation meaning she can buy the books she needs and pay for travel to both university and to a number of clinical placements that are an integral part of the course.

"My mum is a teacher and she told me about the Cutler Trust Scholarship," said Yelena. "The money is really helpful in allowing me to concentrate on my work without having to worry too much about having money taken from my accommodation funds."


Frank Yaw-Owusu, 21, is studying for a master’s degree in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College, London. His grant help pay for his travel to university, an expense which affected his attendance while an undergraduate student. Frank has also used the money to buy books for his course.

"I didn’t know how I was going to afford all my travel and my books," he told us.

"Next semester, fortunately, there are a lot of ebooks on the reading list, but the book list for this semester was really expensive. My course is really intense so I’m really grateful for the help I received from the Cutler Trust. It means I can focus more on my learning."

Lottie Walsh, 19, who is studying biochemistry in central London, has used the grant to pay for her Tube travel to university every day.

"My parents are both teachers, and my mum told me about the scholarship after she saw it on the website, said Lottie. A yearly travel card costs more than £1,000. I have really benefited from the Cutler Trust’s help as it has effectively paid for half of my travel costs."