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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Taking Care of Teachers

We’ve launched a new website offering free wellbeing resources for teachers and school staff in Wales: Taking Care of Teachers: mental health and wellbeing hub. Explore the hub here.   

Taking Care of Teachers is the place for information, tools and guidance on school staff mental health and wellbeing in Wales.

Education Support is proud to make this extensive resource available completely free, with the support of Welsh Government. 

What’s included?

Taking Care of Teachers will take you on a step-by-step journey towards meaningful change in your staff’s wellbeing, by:

  • Sharing advice and resources that will empower you and your teams to promote an open culture around mental health
  • Helping you explore the type of practical tools and support you can offer in your school
  • Letting you hear thoughts and advice directly from other teachers and school leaders in Wales via our interactive video content
  • Providing useful signposting information, so you can direct your colleagues towards services now if they are struggling

Visit Taking Care of Teachers