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Activities to decrease stress

These ideas will decrease stress and improve your emotional wellbeing. Think of your emotional wellbeing as a muscle that needs work to keep it strong, flexible and resilient:

  • Meditate or do mindfulness
  • Do yoga
  • Exercise regularly (see Physical wellbeing)
  • Do things you love like listening to music or going for walks or having coffee with a lovely friend at least once a week
  • Have breaks
  • Take holidays where you can switch off
  • Have technology monk (technology free time) days and times in the day when you are free from your devices
  • Sleep well (see Sleeping well)
  • Talk issues, stresses and other difficult emotions through with friends or colleagues or family
  • Spot the signs e.g. irritation, lack of patience, low mood and seek help, before you get to crisis point (see I feel overwhelmed)
  • Go to therapy or get help from other psychologically trained professionals. Call our helpline for emotional support: 08000 562561
  • Eat well (See Eating well)
  • Laugh
  • Decontaminate and reality check the internal monologue which makes things seem worse than they are (see ABC model).
  • Create your wheel a life, a tool that helps improve your work life balance (see How do I create a better work life balance)

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