Anger management for staff in schools

Much attention is given to the need for school staff to manage student behaviour and anger. This resource will cover this, but also how to deal with your own anger and that of colleagues. There is also information on what school leaders can do to support staff.

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Anger is one of many normal human emotions. It acts as a messenger, telling us when we feel attacked, frustrated or that we are being unfairly treated or ignored. It’s a standard part of being human and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Understanding our anger can help us recognise when we don’t feel safe or happy, and inspire us to make changes so our overall wellbeing improves.

Our guide will examine:

  • What is anger and why is this important in schools?
  • Recognising and managing expressions of anger
  • Longer term anger management
  • Managing and responding to colleagues’ anger at school
  • What school leaders can do

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