Suicide, suicidal feelings and working in schools

Content warning: this entire resource discusses self-harm and has some mention of suicidal thoughts.


If it feels daunting to talk about suicide, you’re worried about a colleague or you are wondering how to create a safe school culture where suicide can be discussed without fear or stigma, this resource is for you.

It provides information on:

  • What is suicide and what are suicidal feelings?
  • Why this is important for schools
  • What to do if you feel suicidal
  • How to get immediate support
  • Supporting a colleague
  • Advice for Line Managers on having conversations about suicide
  • Advice for School Leaders on creating a school culture that supports open conversations about suicide
  • Source of support

You may find some of the content in this resource difficult to read. If you can, try to find a safe time and space to consider the contents.

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