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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Your stories

Grants for teachers and education staff - Bernard's story

Bernard's story

We were able to help supply teacher Bernard and his family with a grant to cover their council tax and service charge for three months.

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Grants for teaching assistants - Tara's story

Tara's story

Without access to a laptop, teaching assistant Tara was finding working from home very difficult. Luckily we were able to help with the cost purchasing one enabling her to continue working. 

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Grants for teachers and education staff - Anna's story

Anna's story

When schools closed in March supply teacher Anna no longer had an income. She needed our help to cover council tax and utility bills whilst waiting for Universal Credit to come through.

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Grants for teachers and education staff - Katie's story

Katie's story

We were able to give supply teacher Katie and her partner £700 for food and rent when they needed us most.

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Jane's story - grants for teachers and education staff

Jane’s story

Our grants team is currently receiving a high number of applications from supply teachers and term-time only staff like Jane who desperately need help paying for food and rent.

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Martyn - grants for teachers

Martyn's story

Primary school teacher Martyn was in his eighteenth year of teaching when he found himself in need of help from our grants service following an injury. 

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Sharon and her daugther - grants for teachers and education staff

Sharon's story

You may find it hard to believe that a teacher could end up living in a garden shed with her 10-year-old daughter, yet that’s exactly what happened to Sharon.

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FE teacher Amanda keeps a roof over her head

Amanda's story

Further Education teacher Amanda was literally struggling to keep a roof over her family's head whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She turned to our grants service and we were able to help with an emergency payment to repair her roof.  

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Leeds City Council Headteacher wellbeing and mental health

Leeds City Council

Our Headspace Programme supports new heads to step off the treadmill to protect and sustain their own mental health and wellbeing and in turn the teams and schools they lead. Leeds City Council has made Headspace a cornerstone of the support it offers to every incoming new school head across the city.

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Sasha Leacock - grants for teachers and education staff

Sasha's story

Cancer knocked schools project manager Sasha for six and she couldn’t work - so we stepped in with a grant.

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