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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

City of London Academy

Hannah Mathews leads on wellbeing at City of London Academy in Southwark. Here she outlines the work that has been done to improve staff wellbeing and morale making the school a more positive place to work.

As a school we wanted to support our staff who we know work in what is an increasingly challenging profession. We looked at the Investors in People award but opted instead to work with Education Support Partnership because of the support they could offer to help us achieve our own goals.

Since commencing the Education Support Partnership Positive Workplace Survey our retention rates have already improved, and staff report that the school is a more positive place to work. What’s more, having the support of the Education Support Partnership consultants has really given me the courage to facilitate whole school change. They have ensured that any work I do has a real impact of the wellbeing of staff and is not just tokenism.

Wellbeing is now on our school’s whole development plan as well as being on the agenda of many of our internal meetings too.  Wellbeing really factors into our decision making now and although we do not have all the answers yet, staff say that they appreciate feeling heard and that they feel positive about working at City of London Academy.

We would definitely recommend addressing staff wellbeing through the Positive Workplace services to other schools.

Education Support Partnership really worked hard to understand our school and they provided a fresh objective take on the issues we were facing. They were not afraid of asking difficult questions and then championing the work that we did to make things better.

How we can help

  • Help for individuals  
    Sometimes work (or just life) can be tough. A challenging student, an Ofsted inspection, personal financial worries; there are many stresses on those who work in education. That’s why we offer free, confidential help and support, no matter what your problem.
  • Help for organisations 
    Working in education is demanding so we’ve designed a set of services to help you check how your teams are coping, troubleshoot problems and boost everyone’s wellbeing.