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David's story

Like many schools across the UK, David’s school in Pontefract is facing budget cuts and tightening funds. This is limiting the continuing profession development (CPD) opportunities for staff, making our newly launched training and development fund a much needed resource.

David has kindly shared his story with us: 

I have worked in education for the past 11 years and am always looking for new challenges. I love working in education and want to expand my current area of work and expertise in the sector.

STEM education develops at a rapid rate

In particular, I’m incredibly passionate about Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM). The rapid developments worldwide in STEM education influences the curriculum and how we teach young people. As an ambitious department lead, I always relish the opportunity to continue to develop the teaching and learning.

I have spent a lot of time researching various qualifications to expand my knowledge and practice and I know that training to be a nationally recognised Lead Practitioner and attending the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement programme (TEEP) level 3 would be beneficial on many levels.  

Funding is tight

Financially, I am personally not in the position to contribute towards the costs of my goal of becoming a nationally recognised Lead Practitioner for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). My partner is currently on maternity leave and therefore on a reduced wage, and as our  family grows, we have invested in a larger house. This is all very exciting however, it does mean I have no spare money to invest in my own professional development.

Further to this, my school, like many around the country, is having to carefully monitor budgets and prioritise where money is best spent and they cannot afford to fund this professional development training for me.

As a Lead Practioner I can make a bigger impact

As a Lead Practioner for STEM, I will have responsibility for leading the school on all areas of STEM education. I will be qualified and confident in developing the Teaching and Learning for not only my school, but also our partner school.

The qualification will enable me to network and be kept up-to-date with the national picture of STEM education. It will benefit my students as they have access to the latest teaching practises and knowledge.

Further to improving my own capacity to lead an area of teaching and learning in my school, it will provide the opportunity to work with other schools and share best practice. This will mean not only will my school benefit but the wider network of schools within our education trust will experience value and ultimately my training will impact a higher number of students and organisations.

Knowing what a big impact this training could have across both staff and students in my school and the wider network, when I heard about the Education Support Partnership’s Training and Development fund I jumped at the chance to apply!

Training and development fund award will have positive impact on both his students and colleagues

Luckily my application has been successful! I’m grateful to Education Support Partnership for paying £2,372 towards the cost of my Lead Practitioner and TEEP training and would highly recommend them to all those working in the education sector.

Not only has the process allowed me to pursue my ambition but it has offered a great opportunity for reflection on the impact my own development will create.

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