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Lewis' story

How our training grant helped maths tutor Lewis boost his earnings.

Lewis had been in teaching for many years before he moved into private tutoring just a few years off from his retirement. “After losing my partner I wanted to slow the pace down a bit as I prepared to retire,” he explains.

The tutoring went well until a couple of years ago when he lost some clients and also had to get through the summer holidays without any work. “At certain times of the year during July and August, things get very quiet and I can really struggle financially. I understand the difficulties of the job but I love what I do and want to continue to work.”

After he went to the charity Turn2Us for help with fuel bills he found out about Education Support and our grants service offering finance for training and development. We gave him a grant of £150 so he could attend a Continuing Professional Development (CPD)course for maths tutors. “I’m so grateful for this opportunity as it gave me a great chance to meet other tutors and network with them. I couldn’t have afforded to take this course with the help from the grants service at Ed Support. And now as a result my career prospects are much improved.”

“Working as a tutor can be isolating.” says Lewis. The course he attended helped reduce this as he met with other tutors in a similar position. “I came back with all sorts of interesting ideas and contacts too. That can be invaluable for a private tutor. I also found out some very useful things to help with my Year 10 and Year 11 Maths classes so I can help them more. It was a benefit all round,” he adds.

Lewis has been in teaching since the mid 1970s so he’s seen a lot of changes. “It’s a very different environment now but my many years of experience meant for me moving to tutoring was a natural progression and something I’d always wanted to do.”

Tutoring can also be a useful way to wind down into retirement. And a few CPD days means tutors can keep up to date with the latest developments in education and national exams. “Lots of students are struggling with the new specification for the Maths GCSE and the course I attended helped us to see how we can help them get through this. I got a lot out of just a one-day course but most important of all, so will my students.”

“I do recommend anyone in a similar position to approach Ed Support to see if they too can get help with attending courses such as the one I did. I’m so very grateful for the help they gave me.

“I would like to keep going with my tutoring a little more until I am eligible for my state pension. I urge others who are struggling to look for support rather than being ashamed of asking. The very worst thing you can do is not ask. If you are struggling it is better to find out what you are entitled to.”

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