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Meet John

John, a primary school teacher, called us when he became a victim of domestic violence.

He called us for help and advice.He offered to share his story to help us publicise the work we do to help teachers.

"I’ve worked in primary schools for more than 25 years and always wanted to be a teacher.

I had an amazing music teacher at secondary school where everything seemed to click in to place; from then on I knew I wanted to inspire children with music.

I love influencing lives, changing perceptions and those light bulb moments when a child really understands something.

I was seeing a guy for two years who I met at college. We had a tempestuous relationship as he was a violent alcoholic and I even started work on the first day at my new school with a black eye. My partner would get paid weekly then spend all his time in bars before working his way through my wages.

As the relationship went on, I left him, but I had a victim mentality. I thought I could change him but I always went back and each time the violence and drinking got worse. I ended up with £5000 in debt, all spent on drink by my partner.

Eventually, with the help of supportive colleagues, I found the courage to leave him for good. A colleague put me in touch with Education Support Partnership because I desperately needed financial help.

Through Education Support Partnership, I got help to pay off my debt. I also arranged to have counselling, which is just what I needed at the time. Counselling helped me to realise that I wasn’t to blame for the problems in the relationship.

With the help of Education Support Partnership, I was able to get my life back and work on recovering my self esteem. I regained confidence in my teaching skills and was able to move forward with my life. I’d left my partner before but before I spoke to Education Support Partnership I hadn’t had the financial or emtional support to help me move on and cut him out of my life.

Education Support Partnership was a real lifeline. It understands the pressures that teachers are under and their lives and makes it more human."

Education Support Partnership gave me back my life because you never know when things might go wrong and you never know when you might need something like Education Support to help. I would hope the charity would be the first port of call for anyone working in education."

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