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Grants for teaching assistants - Tara's story

Tara's story

Our grants team is continuing to receive a high number of applications from supply teachers and term-time only staff who desperately need help paying for food and bills during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

Here is Tara's story: 

Teaching Assistant Tara has been working at a secondary school supporting pupils with SEN for the last two years and loves her job. Prior to this, she was a primary TA.

She said: “Most of my time is spent supporting a student who has autism in all her lessons and I’ve helped her into a routine that she is comfortable with.”

Tara takes great pride in having helped the student to such an extent that she comes into school every day. “She was reluctant to come to school at the start of the year, but her confidence has really grown and she has now settled into a routine that works well.”

Following school closures in March, Tara volunteered to go into school on a rota basis but is now working from home.

“It’s been difficult. My daughter and I were trying to access our work sharing my phone but it wasn’t easy. We could sometimes borrow my Mum’s laptop and she would leave it on the doorstep but she doesn’t live that nearby and it involved a car journey for her which wasn’t very practical during lock-down.

“Once libraries shut I was really stuck. A laptop was too expensive. Previously we were always able to go there to use one."

Education Support was able to help Tara and her daughter with a grant towards the cost of a laptop.

“I’m so grateful. It will make a huge difference. Without it I wouldn’t be able to work at home and neither could my daughter.” 

Can you help?

We were able to give Tara help when she needed us most only due to the generosity of our supporters.

Are you able to give a gift at this difficult time to help teachers like Tara? If you can please donate online. Thank you so much.

How can we help you?

If you are struggling financially and need our help, please get in touch with our grants team. You can call us on 0207 6972772 or visit our grants page to find out more and apply.

*Grant recipient’s name has been changed.