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Victoria’s story

Victoria works as a school admin. When her husband left her and their four sons, she was unable to keep up her mortgage payments and went into arrears. Luckily she contacted our grants service who were able to help. Victoria shares her story.

My world was turned upside down within 24 hours when my husband of 23 years and the father or our four sons told me he was leaving me. I had no idea he was thinking about leaving us and it was devastating for the boys and I.

He left me with a lot of debts and I had to sell the family home and move to a smaller property. He agreed to pay monthly maintenance as part of the divorce settlement. However, he failed to pay on several occasions which made life incredibly hard it even got to the point that I couldn’t afford to buy food for my children which was incredibly awful as a mother to deal with.

This situation lead to me defaulting on my mortgage payments. I was getting calls from the bank chasing the payments. I've never not paid anything like that in my life before. It's an incredibly scary situation when you start to think that the house might be taken away.

I work in as a school administrator in a school for children outside mainstream education. I went to work one day and was having a really bad day and I was very upset. I went to talk to my boss and she said 'have you thought about phoning Education Support Partnership and seeing if there was anything that they could do to help?'

As an administrator I thought the charity would not be able to help me. But I was desperate and called Carl the Grants Caseworker and was surprised to find out I was eligible for help as they support everyone working in education. The application form was straightforward and I filled it in and sent all the paperwork needed to support the application.

Within a few days Carl called me back and I was delighted when he told me that they would be able to pay a grant to help me with the mortgage arrears.

I was so happy I just burst into tears on him. I couldn't believe it that someone was going to help me. What Education Support has done has actually shown me that there is hope and I am slowly rebuilding and there is an end in sight.

I think as a service it is amazing and I still can't believe how much they've helped. I spend my life whenever I talk to my colleagues if anybody has any issue I just say 'just call them they're fantastic, they have an answer for everything'.

Victoria tells her story in her owns words in this short video:

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