Ideas for creating a more balanced Wheel of Life | Education Support
Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Ideas for creating a more balanced Wheel of Life

Here are some ideas to help you create your Wheel of Life

Career and work

  • Review what you want to do with your career and what steps you need to take
  • Meet with your line manager and discuss ways to increase your skills, development and responsibility in your job
  • Take on a new project or area in school that increases your skills
  • Get a mentor
  • Go on relevant training

Family, partner and love

  • Work flexibly; speakSpeak to your manager about working a day from home or less days a week
  • Spend more time together on shared interests or pursuits. Plan date nights
  • Take children to school or pick up once a week
  • Read to children before they go to bed
  • Have video and popcorn nights with kids/family or find programmes you all enjoy
  • Call your parents once a week
  • Schedule in family holidays

Growth and learning, recreation and friends

  • Learn something new
  • Read a book a month
  • Read the papers once a week
  • Listen to a TED talk once a week
  • Join a group (book group, amateur dramatics etc.).
  • Go on a holiday focusing on an interest e.g. cycling holiday
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Arrange enjoyable activities to do with friends
  • Put dates in diaries with friends
  • Volunteer
  • Become a school governor
  • Join a park group
  • Organise a street party

Money and finances

  • Speak to a personal financial consultant
  • Audit your expenses and incomings and work out how to spend less
  • Work out how much you want to earn and what you need to do to get that
  • Reduce debt on credit cards
  • Find cheaper ways to buy what you need e.g. change grocer or utility provider
  • Save money each month by putting a percentage of your salary into a savings account


  • Volunteer
  • Become more involved in religious, community or spiritual groups
  • Go to religious or spiritual classes or lessons
  • Meditate or do mindfulness exercises
  • Give to charity

Health and welfare

  • Start therapy
  • Go to the gym
  • Run once a week
  • Play tennis. Walk to work once a week
  • Cycle rather than drive
  • Go for a long walk once a week
  • Go to yoga
  • Meditate
  • Get a dog
  • Have walking meetings
  • Journal
  • Take one night off a week and leave school early
  • Keep a list of all tasks, prioritise and schedule time to do these


  • Work out the environment that you prefer to live and work in, see what is possible
  • Plan times in environments that work for you e.g. being out in nature, or working in a library
  • Review your working and home environment, see what improvements you can make

What can you do?