Boundaries, Rest and Letting Go: How to give yourself permission

This webinar explores how teachers and education staff can take ownership of their boundaries, how to make time for rest and how to keep the professional and personal separate.

Videos / 56 mins watch

Boundaries? Pfft. Rest? As if! Letting go?! Never heard of it. If you said this to yourself when you read our blurb, then this webinar is FOR YOU!

To have a long, fulfilling career in education you have to admit that your energy is not unlimited. But it can be difficult when demands are coming from every direction.

But the reality is that your effectiveness in the classroom depends on you being energised, motivated and mentally healthy.

So ask yourself…

Do you actively consider how and when you commit to new responsibilities? Do you focus on activity that’s aligned with your personal goals and sense of purpose? Can you be kind to yourself when you turn down a request?

Our speakers are here to help!

Our panel of experienced teachers, HR leads and mental health experts, have a strong understanding of the education sector and share advice and tips on:

  • how to take ownership of your boundaries and non-negotiables
  • how to make time for rest and ways to switch off from work
  • how to keep the professional and personal separate

Chaired by our Chief Executive, Sinéad Mc Brearty, hear from these brilliant panellists:

  • Athir Hassan MA BSc ‘The Behaviour Trainer’, teacher, author and classroom/behaviour management coach
  • Hayley Winter, early years leader and teacher
  • Sarah Mullin MBE, executive headteacher, author and thought leader on mental health
  • Niki Gibbs, supervisor for school counsellors, DSLs and pastoral leads

Watch the webinar now for takeaway tips, strategies and techniques, ready to make the most of your well-deserved summer holiday and feel more positive about the year ahead.

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