Mental health and wellbeing guides for FE staff and leaders

We've developed a series of guides, in partnership with Education & Training Foundation, to help support the mental health and wellbeing of staff working in further education. 


Education & Training Foundation Created in partnership with Education & Training Foundation


These guides provide practical mental health and wellbeing advice and information for further education staff and leaders.

They will help you support yourselves and your colleagues to cope with the demands of the job.

You will gain a deeper understanding of what makes a work environment psychologically safe, alongside evidence-informed initiatives and insights from those working in further education. 

The guides will also look at why your mental wellbeing needs to be a priority and how cultural change has to start from the top.

The guides can be downloaded from the Education and Training Foundation website: 

  1. Helping Staff Balance Work and Life
  2. Looking After Yourself and Supporting Colleagues while Supporting Learners: Secondary Trauma
  3. Psychological Safety in Further Education Settings
  4. Talking to Colleagues about their Mental Health 
  5. Burnout: Prevention and spotting the signs in FE settings
  6. Building Collegiate Relationships
  7. Leading through crisis: A guide for FE leaders and managers
  8. Starting with you: Taking care of your wellbeing as a busy FE leader
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