Had the call? How to protect your wellbeing during inspections

Listen to this Instagram Live where we explore how staff can stay mentally healthy during inspections and what schools can do to prioritise mental health during this time.

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Your school got the call. An inspection is pending.

It’s no secret that the news of an inspection can stir up different emotions in staff. Inspections should be a time for school staff to get the recognition they deserve for their hard work; to shine bright and have their efforts celebrated.

In fact, 71% of staff told us that inspections had a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing in our 2023 Teacher Wellbeing Index.

So what can schools do to prioritise mental health during this stressful time? Listen to this Instagram Live to learn more.

Hear from headteacher Lee Walker, and our Communications and Public Affairs Director, Gemma Scotcher, as they discuss practical and positive advice on getting through the process and supporting the entire school team.

With inspections being so prevalent in recent headlines, it’s more important than ever for staff to receive the support they deserve to stay mentally healthy during inspections.


If you’re currently going through an inspection, or have one on the horizon, and need some immediate, emotional support, please call our helpline. Our qualified counsellors understand the challenges you face in education and will be able to help.

Call us on: 08000 562 561

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