Supporting more teachers and education staff across the UK 

We speak to members of our Commercial Team about their work with schools and trusts across the UK. 

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More schools and trusts are discovering Education Support’s services for teachers and education staff. Our Employee Assistance Programme is now used by 1200 schools as a way of supporting all their staff, inside and outside of work. This service has come into its own in a context where many teachers and education staff are dealing with increased pressure in both their work and home lives.  

Damian Mawdsley, who leads the team, says:  

"Our EAP provides staff with a safe space for support and takes the pressure of school leaders who feel a responsibility to help staff but don’t always have the right tools to do so."

Sophie Boettcher has recently joined Education Support to work with schools in the East and Northeast of England. She describes what motivates her: 

"I have spent the last six years working with educators, listening to the challenges they face every day in the workplace and the strain that this has on their wellbeing and mental health, in their professional and personal lives. That is why I heartily believe in our mission."

Schools tell me they really value the ease of access to unlimited counselling and our understanding of the education sector.
Daren Chisholm, Education Support

Mark Saunders works alongside schools in the West and Northwest of England. He says: 

"Schools that have not heard of Education Support before are often amazed and appreciative of the services we provide. With schools that know about us and engage in our support, hearing positive feedback from user experiences is always fantastic."

Daren Chisholm joined Education Support from the commercial sector and works with schools across the South. He has noticed that the services used by education staff have evolved, as their needs have evolved. 

"Schools tell me they really value the ease of access to unlimited counselling and our understanding of the education sector. I am seeing increased interest in our financial support in the face of increased energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis. 

My favourite bit of the job is being the answer to someone’s problem. When a school contact says, 'I cannot believe how much is included in what you provide!'." 

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Employee Assistance Programme
Employee Assistance Programme