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1 in 5 teachers have NEVER been thanked – is it time to put that right?

18th June 2019

One in five teachers say they have NEVER received a ‘thank you’ for doing their job as Public Service Day approaches.

Almost 5.4m people are employed in the public sector and civil service in the UK – from nurses to teachers and firefighters to administrators.

But a survey by public sector membership club Boundless has revealed just how under-appreciated they are.

The research, which polled 2004 UK workers in advance of the UN’s Public Service Day on Sunday 23 June, shows:

  • 1 in 5 teachers have never been thanked in their entire career – and the rest have gone 65 days without a thank you.
  • 8 per cent of all teachers haven’t had a thank you message in more than a year.
  • 29 per cent of teachers said being thanked by the public would make them happier in their job – higher than the result for working fewer hours
  • 20 per cent of public sector workers say they have never received a thank you message – that equates to more than a million people.

The shocking figures have prompted Boundless to launch a campaign to put the nation’s hard-working public servants in the spotlight and creat this film #timetosaythanks to Teachers: 

Boundless Chair Heather Glanville said: “Our lives are touched so often by the millions of people who work in public service in the UK, so it’s shocking to hear how under-appreciated they are.

“From the nurses and midwives who are there when we are born, to the teachers who educate us, the police, fire and ambulance workers who look after us and the administrators who work so hard behind the scenes, they really do deserve our thanks.

“Public Service Day was officially launched by the United Nations as long ago as 2003 but sadly it has been largely overlooked in the UK.

“It’s time to put that right. As our research shows, a simple ‘thank you’, whether that is online, in a letter or in person, can go a long way.”

For more information, please visit www.boundless.co.uk/publicserviceday

To join the conversation and share your stories about how public sector workers have supported you, please use the hashtags #PublicServiceDay #timetosaythanks and include @bemoreboundless.