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Letter from a teacher to senior leader

Dear Secondary Senior and Middle Leaders

20th July 2020

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well.

As we approach the end of term I would like to take the opportunity to say that we cannot and should not be operating as though it is ‘Business as Usual’. It is not usual. It is anything but usual.

We are in a global pandemic and every teacher’s circumstances on the home-front is different from the next.

The lockdown and school closures have brought challenges in so many ways.

In the secondary settings we would normally gain time when the Year 11s and Year 13s would have left having completed their exams in the summer term. This gained time did not materialise this year.

As a parent to 2 children, as a wife, and as a daughter of elderly vulnerable parents working from home has definitely provided its challenges. In the absence of child minders and child care in the way of grandparents, parents who are also teachers have really struggled during lockdown. Having to also make provisions for elderly parents during the lockdown is another responsibility that I am all too familiar with. Both my parents have been in isolation for four months now, I along with my siblings have organised supplies including medication to be delivered. My father is due to have surgery and that is yet another stressful situation to consider.

The absence of other domestic help has also taken its toll. Losing count of the number of meals made and cleared away, the number of times the dishwasher and the washing machine are loaded in a day - it’s relentless. All this, in addition to ‘Working from Home’ or should I say ‘Living at Work’

As we know unfortunately the global pandemic has brought more than 45,000 deaths in the UK. I have experienced death within my own social circle, and within my community in such tragic circumstances. These deaths were sudden and unexpected, one included a child dying alone in a hospital as his mother had to self-isolate. Nothing about this is usual.

We cannot know how teachers and support staff, have experienced this lockdown. To make assumptions is somewhat naïve, we cannot know what our colleagues have experienced and perhaps suffered during this time. I am also certain that there will have been mental health issues that have come as a result of the lockdown, not just for our students, but also for our staff.

We must attempt to remember the intensity of the lockdown, and support staff wherever possible. It cannot be and should not be ‘Business as Usual’.

A Teacher

How we can help 

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