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Coronavirus update: We continue to be here to provide mental health and wellbeing support to all education staff.

Men's Health Week: prioritising your physical and mental wellbeing

15th June 2021

It's Men's Health Week 14 -22 June so we asked James, Dan and Kieran, aka Teacher Peloton, to talk about what they do to put their physical and mental wellbeing first. 

Research shows that men tend not to talk about their feelings and can bury themselves in their work. Dan, Kieran and James set up Teacher Peloton to tackle both this and the sense of isolation they felt during lockdown. They explain how this has helped them:

Cycling with others means we spend hours riding with someone else, so talking just happens, and if we’re riding we’re not working!

We are all dads with young children and wives that are teachers too, so we understand the struggles each other is experiencing. Cycling together has brought us closer, forged new social connections and given us the space each week to put our physical and mental wellbeing first.


Having healthy habits and flexible routines helps me to find the time to exercise, but also spend time as a family. This is hard when myself and my wife Grace are both teachers and middle leaders.. But we’re both sporty and PE trained so know the benefits that it has both physically and mentally. 

Having times in the week to exercise allows me to clear my head from work and feel a lot better about myself in general. I know that if I don’t do a good amount sessions each week I get fidgety and edgy too. 


I love nothing more than to regularly get out in the great outdoors, whether this is through the routine of my daily commute on my bike, a walk with my son or run with my very supportive wife. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time but I find starting with something realistic and sticking with it, whatever that may be, turns it into a positive habit and experience.

What I have found helpful throughout lockdown and whilst being active is listening to a range of podcasts. They enable me to develop my knowledge, build resilience, help me to unwind and be reflective.


Unfortunately I live too far away from where I work to commute on my bike so I go for early morning rides instead. Being a head of department, alongside leading DofE, a trust wide health based PE initiative and studying for my NPQSL (I like to keep myself busy), finding time to clear my head on the bike or with the weights in my garage is really important to me. It helps me be a better dad, husband, friend and teacher. 

We all ride and keep active for similar reasons, knowing that it’s helping us physically and mentally in our work and home lives.

You can find out more about the Teacher Peloton community by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or join our remote cycling via Zwift or our Strava club or join their 100 mile challenge 21 -27 June.

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