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Teachers share their wellbeing tips for the new academic year

30th August 2018

As the new academic year begins we wanted to share teachers' #backtoschool tips. Let's hope these help make this year a positive one.

Whether you are starting out on your journey in the teaching profession or are an old hand, there are some brilliant tips to help you start the new year as you mean to go on.


"Remember to have lunch on the first day! And tell yourself it's a habit from now on!"
Geoff Saunders


"Remember self care must always be the top item of your to do list."
Vicky Hslew

"Go to bed early as often as you can in the build up and first week or so, so if the fear kicks in you aren’t running on empty."
Caroline Marshall

"Embrace the healing power of the nap!"
Lauren B-F


"Remember to recharge your batteries, if you are running empty you can't support others."
Lynne Wainwright

"Reflect on the previous year and notice all the positives and great things you achieved. Then pick one new thing you want to try this year to help you at work and one new thing to enjoy out of work."
Lauren Pillow

"Always plan a treat for Fri or weekend so you have something to look forward to."
Kris Foster

"Get a picture of yourself at your most relaxed on holiday, when you look rested, healthy and happy. Stick it by your desk. Periodically get your pupils to compare how you look in term time to your holiday best- if their faces register shock and alarm, it’s time for a mid term mini break  don’t lose sight of your well being."
Sarah Ashton


"My back to school tip would be to invest in a slow cooker for those winter evenings! Nothing like coming home after a long rainy day to a warm pot of something ready for you!"
Miss S Baldwin


"Book an October Half Term treat before returning to school so you have something to look forward to."
Katrina Patricia

Get organised

"Take time to get organised, it gets busy very quickly. You will feel better of you are prepared and probably better placed to implement self care."
Adrian Smith

"Have a ‘to do’ sheet rather than lots of sticky notes."
Karen Fairburn


"Clear your desk at the end of each day."
Shabana Hussain

"Remember to prioritise and pace yourself."
Jacky Ijaola

"My top back to school tip would be plan, plan, plan to ensure that first couple of weeks runs as smooth as possible! You never want to be chasing your tail from day one."
Mrs Singleton

"Plan the morning routine and leave the house on time so that you arrive at school calm and focussed, rather than late and stressed!"
Joshua Hunt


Stay positive and embrace kindness

"Don’t take yourself - or the stresses of the job - too seriously!"
Helen Paul

"Have a memories board where you can stick all the nice things students say about you."
Lauren Keyworth

"My top back to school tip is for everyone to be kind to themselves and each other. When life gets hectic, little things become more of a worry than they would usually. Talk, share worries and when you see others struggling, pick them up. Just be kind."
Emma Kate


Lots of luck to those starting back to school or college. Have a great year and enjoy it!

If at any time you feel under pressure and start feeling stressed or anxious please remember our helpline counsellors are here for you at any time on 08000 562561.