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Teachers open up about workload

Teachers talk about workload in a new BBC Teach film

4th November 2019

“There isn’t a teacher who wouldn’t tell you they don’t think of quitting every few months.”

Teachers have opened up about their workload and the guilt they feel about taking time off sick, in a new BBC Teach film.  

We’ve been working with BBC Teach to highlight the experiences of teachers in the classroom – as our new research reveals nearly half of school teachers in England say they ‘always’ feel compelled to come to work even when they feel unwell.

One teacher in the film confesses: “If you take time off you’re seen as being weak, you’re seen as letting the kids down, you’re seen as letting fellow members of staff down.”

The discussion, which includes contributions from a range of primary and secondary teachers looks at factors contributing to excessive workload, including time spent marking.  

Teachers speak frankly about their experiences, including one who says: “There isn’t a teacher that will tell you they don’t think of quitting, I don’t know, every few months."

Here’s a short extract from the film – to see more, go to bbc.co.uk/teach 

As part of the new BBC Teach support resources, teacher and author Dr Emma Kell looks at workload and presenteeism in schools, and shares her strategies for looking after yourself and managing your work. 

She says: “I learned the hard way – I’ve known far too many talented teachers drive themselves to the very limits of what they can cope with physically, psychologically or emotionally.”

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