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Words of wisdom for NQTs

31st August 2017

Retired teachers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to the younger generation. We asked our supporters to share their words of wisdom and they were very happy to do so.

We have collected together some of their words of encouragement for NQTs. 

You're so important to your students

Retired teachers understand from their years of experience what a significant influence you have on your students and their futures. 

"You are having a big influence on young people – please keep going. Thank you!"

"You change lives – don’t give up."

"Your life in the classroom is so important for the youngsters. The future depends on young minds and the teachers who will help them."

"You do the most important job anyone can do."

"Do your best at all times. It’s worth it for the young people who depend on you."

"Being a teacher is a struggle but it is a real joy. Don’t lose heart – you are a valuable part of your children’s lives. Your care and concern means such a lot to them when they look back in future years." 

Look after yourself

What you do is vital for your students but retired teachers know that unless you look after yourself, you won't have the energy to look after them. As the saying goes, "You cannot pour from an empty cup."

"Try to pace yourself and think positive."

"I know teaching is very demanding – I taught for 35 years – but make sure you have a life outside school. It’s most important to switch off completely at times."

"Value yourself. Value what you do."

"Children matter but so do YOU!"

Asking for help when you need it 

A reminder that you are not alone! If you are struggling your friends, family and colleagues are there for you. In addition our free and confidential helpline is available 24/7 on 08000 562561. 

"Don’t suffer in silence. There is always someone who will help – ASK."

"Remember that you are not alone and seek help when things get difficult."

"Don’t wait to get help – your own needs are important."

"Make good use of the Education Support helpline. I wish it had been there when I was teaching."

"If you don’t ask for help no one will know you need it. It’s not your fault. Don’t hide it because you think it’s a weakness. Strength comes with sharing."

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