Flexible working in schools

There is an opportunity to learn from the enforced flexibility that Covid-19 has brought upon the sector, and turn this into a positive - a chance to try out flexible ways of working that suit staff, students and schools alike, better. Read our guide to find out how your school could offer more flexibility.

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One of the biggest things that can help schools create a psychologically safe workplace is introducing measures that help teachers work flexibly and manage their work life balance, to meet their professional goals and requirements in a mentally healthy way.

Trusting people to get their work done but in a way that also allows
them freedom to manage other priorities too, like children or caring responsibilities, goes a long way to promote a culture where people can
be their whole selves and know their employer supports and believes in them.

Download our guide for information on: 

  • Why introduce flexible working in your school
  • Flexible working – what does it mean
  • Flexible working models
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